Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back to School NYC – How to Get the Best Sales on...

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Helping Elders Stay Cool When the Heat is On

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bronx Takes Night Out From Crime

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War Against Auto Theft as Bronx Sees Spike in Car ...

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

#JusticeforJunior - Cops Seek Man in Acura

BX News: #JusticeforJunior - Cops Seek Man in Acura: Gang Leaders Busted as Cops Seek Even More Suspects in Junior’s Murder   By Dan Gesslein NEW YORK - Finding a late model Acura T...

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Nancy Pelosi, Eliot Engel Tour Hebrew Home Here

Tour Nursing Home in Riverdale

BRONX- Washington power players Nancy Pelosi and Eliot Engel listened to Bronx seniors regarding health issues when they toured a nursing home in Riverdale.

Congressman Eliot Engel and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Hebrew Home President and CEO Dan Reingold on Monday for a tour of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, followed by a press conference to discuss the issues facing seniors in the Bronx and across the country. 

Other elected officials in attendance included Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz, and City Council Members Andrew Cohen and Andy King. The group toured the Hebrew Home campus, which recently celebrated its 100th Anniversary, before speaking about efforts to protect programs like Medicare and Social Security with Hebrew Home residents. 

"I'm delighted to be able to come here and introduce my good friend Nancy Pelosi," Engel said in his remarks. "Health care is very important to Nancy, and it’s very important to me. 
“There's been a war in Washington raging against Americans' health care, trying to destroy the Medicare guarantee, and that is not acceptable to me and definitely not acceptable to Nancy. We have fought together to preserve the Medicare and Social Security guarantees for our seniors and that’s why we voted against the 2018 House budget resolution which paved the way for tax cuts that don't help New York. On the issues that matter, Nancy is always at the forefront doing the right thing and getting results,” Engel said.
“Thank you Eliot Engel for your very generous remarks which I will accept on behalf of our House Democratic Caucus, which has had the courage to support the Affordable Care Act, to protect Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and so many issues. It’s an honor to be here at the Hebrew Home," Pelosi said in her remarks. "Eliot Engel has been a champion in the Congress on so many issues. On the Energy and Commerce Committee, which is the committee of jurisdiction that wrote the Affordable Care Act. “He was there to be sure that the Affordable Care Act would prolong the life of Medicare, close the donut hole, do so many things that would be important to the health and well-being of America – all of America – how it related to our seniors.

"In the President’s budget, he cut $1.4 trillion out of Medicaid. Medicaid covers a large amount of elder care, long-term health care whether in community, places like this or at home. Eliot Engel is there to fight against all of that. He just won’t tolerate it. Social Security disability benefits, the President cut all of it in his budget – Eliot said no to that. So he is there fighting every day, as a Member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, the committee of jurisdiction, but also – when we say Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee, please know this: in a few short months that means he will be Chairman of the Committee."

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Gentrifying vs Affordable Housing?

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