Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bronx Voice: Beware Online Apartment Scam

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Why Hillary Won’t Run for Mayor

Rudy’s Return?

By Robert Press

POLITICS– The latest breaking story is that there are people trying to get former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to run for Mayor of New York City. There is one slight problem with that idea, and our beloved current mayor Bill de Blasio knows that he has nothing to worry about.

The big problem being that one has to be a resident of the district (or city) you have any intentions of running in for one year unless it is a special election. At last check Hillary Clinton is a resident if Chappaqua New York where she voted in the presidential election. There was also talk of digging up Ed Koch, but maybe Rudy Giuliani wants to run for mayor again. That could be the reason he did not take a job in the Trump administration.

Since it is almost sure there will be no credible Democratic candidate running against Mayor de Blasio that is as stated by one citywide elected official “unless he is indicted”, who will be the sacrificial lamb or candidate running against a popular incumbent Democratic mayor in the primary?

Now that the Albany legislative session has begun Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie seems to be right at home in his role as Speaker of the Assembly. Now who did he replace, well Heastie has made many people forget just who he replaced. Keep up the good work, and don’t be like your predecessor.

As for the State Senate, were there any questions as to where the even stronger Independent Democratic Conference would be? The now seven member IDC really gives both Republicans and Democrats reason to want the IDC on their side. However, IDC leader Jeff Klein has to remember not to get too big too fast, as the two waring factions could just come to a truce to end the IDC.

Congrats to Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. on his re-election for his third and last term as Bronx BP. I don’t think I am too early on that prediction, and I don’t think the good BP has anything to worry since the former U.S. Attorney will be the new U.S. Attorney. One or two others in or out of office may not be so lucky.

By next week’s column we should have the latest Campaign Financial Disclosure statements for all candidates running in the 2017 New York City elections. Will there be any surprises as to new candidates, and how much money was raised in the latest reporting period? I don’t expect any surprises, but we may find out who intends to run against an incumbent or two. If you are not fundraising by January your chances of winning drop significantly. There are certain things a candidate needs, and lots of money is the first priority.

As to the two term limited Bronx City Council seats the CFB filing should give some more insight into the 13th council district race. Current Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj has announced that he will not be seeking matching funds from the CFB. He has come under fire from one of his lesser known opponents who is very much counting on the 6 to 1 CFB matching funds. However, as we have seen in past elections with matching funds, a candidate can run afoul of the law and be penalized by the CFB.

In the 18th council district candidate Elvin Garcia had a fundraiser. It happened in midtown Manhattan rather than in the 18th council district, or even in the borough of the Bronx. As for the candidate who happens to be the favorite in this council race State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr. we will have to see if there are any screws loose in the old Good Humor trucks. Other than the current announced candidates I look to see a couple of surprise candidates who could prove to be a pain in the good senator’s back. Again time will tell as the more candidates in the race the better it is for the candidate of the Bronx Democratic County organization.

In the 13th and 18th council districts I can not see either of the current elected officials not being county candidates. When the petitions do come out who will have Mayor Bill de Blasio, and who will have Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. on their petitions. Will State Senator Reverend Diaz Sr. once again have mayoral candidate Eric Salgado at the top of the slate? Those questions and others should be answered in a few short months. Check my blog at for any news that may come in.

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